DEM Earth – update 2.40 released

Version 2.40  Nov 19th 2014

  •  Improved – Strata.

I changed the way the Strata is built in preparation for  any shape, outline. not just a simple grid. the new method is much more robust and will work for any shape.

  •  Added – Support for registered student versions of Cinema4D.

Previously it was not possible to support the free student version of C4D because of the lack of any 11 numbers. this has been resolved and students can now purchase and use DEM Earth, with a discount. Contact support for details.

  •  Fixed – Binding issues. Separate objects line up perfectly.

In previous versions, there where problems matching multiple DEM Earths together. There was a difference in the north south offset, meaning you could not match things up  as well as you may want to. This has been fully resolved.

  •  Added – Handles for length and width.

Better interaction with handles. More to come…

  •  Added – Separate Width / Height settings, with best fit subdivision.

You can now modify both width and height separately. The subdivision method has been improved to try to maintain square subdivisions over both axis.

  •  Improved – World.meter unit (this is the world scale multiplier from C4D space to real world space)

Some internal simplification produces a more accurate value. Multiply any  real world meter value by this number, to get a C4D meter value.

  •  Improved – Significantly improved geo-referencing accuracy.

As a result of the core overhaul.

  •  Improved – Major rewrite of core DEM Earth code

What it says. Big chunks of code rewritten and improved.  Makes more things possible.