DEM Earth – Updated to Version 1.70

Version 1.70  June 3rd 2014

  •  Changed – Strato and stick to floor settings, are now on, by default.
  •  Fixed – A small, but critical error, caused coordinates projected onto DEM Earth, below sea level, to have wrong height. This showed as a field of spiked outlines(Thanks R.Feenstra)
  •  Improved – PinPoint Object, Performance.
  •  Fixed – PinPoint Object, bugs.
  •  Added – Map Loader Images – Automatic Reprojection so that images better match height for larger areas.
  •  Added – The Geocoder now automatically copies its coordinate result to the clipboard
  •  Improved – Using the paste button now resets the lat/lon offset to zero. It was a bit confusing before.

updates have been sent out to all users within the terms of their support.. Enjoy.