A new generator for CINEMA 4D, which produces solid, virtual and procedural outlines, from an image, movie or shader.

This generator offers a significant improvement over the built in C4D vectorizer, producing professional results to rival those produced in major standalone packages.

Vectorizing directly in C4D with a procedural object, where the parameters can be modified, animated and controlled in realtime. You can even quickly link the resulting segments up to MoGraph or dynamics and animate the individual elements.

What you get

  • Vectorizer Professional Plugin — for CINEMA 4D
    • Easily vectorize images, movies and shaders in realtime*
    • Output splines, polygons and objects
    • Filtering options
    • Smoothing options
    • Extrude polygon segments as objects for instant dynamics from images or shaders
    • Generate awesome volumetric structures with the incorporation of MoGraph
  • A full featured generator plugin, professionally written in c++
  • A production ready plugin application, that allows for challenging and new results in your artwork
* Realtime is CPU speed, image size & shader dependent.


  • R3.269 for Cinema 4D for R20 to  2024.
  • WIN 64.
  • All C4D versions (except Lite)
  • Renders with all render engines, including standard,physical, Redshift, Octane, Arnold, VRay , Corona, etc.