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Free plugins for Cinema4D R13 or greater: written in c++ for speed and reliabilityMAC and PC builds included.

Stipple Modifier

Stipple modifier converts any spline into dots and dashes, and a lot more. this is the most amazing Cinem4D plugin you have seen in a long time. This is not a cheep python script, but a full fledged commercial quality plugin, written in c++, and compiled for 64 bit mac and PC platforms.   Its also absolutely free free, no strings attached.

Spline Mask

Render splines in shader space using this easy to use awesome spline shader.

Collage Shader

An amazing Image particle shader, which can produce  perfect, seamless, animated textures from images and shaders. With stunning depth effects, outlining, and a lot more.And its now completely free.

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  1. Peppe
    Peppe says:

    Vector Pro, just purchased….so great!!! And thanks for the freebies, need to find some tutorials on them, they seem nice ( and free!!!)


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