• Procedural - Vertex Maps

    Realtime – Instant, procedurally generated maps, which are next to impossible to paint accurately by hand.

  • Angle Mapping - In Realtime

    Use angle Maps for Product viz

  • Realtime - Ambient Occlusion

    Fantastic for fast material shading effects

  • Use Your Imagination

    There are infinite ways to use vertex maps as a basis for shading

  • Realtime - Procedural Mesh surface map

    Maps the polygon topology of your model to a vertex map

  • Angle Map

    An amazing sublayer for your shaders, which you could never paint accurately.

  • Volume Density Map

    This procedural vertex map of the volume of your object, is a fantastic shading layer.


Topology Vertex Maps is a plugin for CINEMA 4D, which generates various types of vertex maps in realtime.

The following modes are currently implemented using all your processor cores to generate custom vertex maps which can be adjusted in realtime.

  • Mesh Area Density – the relative surface density of your polygon structure(s)
  • Mesh Angle – describes the relative surface angles of your polygon structure(s)
  • Ambient Occlusion – shows the Ambient Occlusion of your polygon structure(s)
  • Volume Depth – a map of the sub surface volume of your polygon structure(s)
  • Shadow – a unique shadow from one or more light sources onto your polygon structure(s)
  • Deformed Delta – describes the linear distance between the deformed and undeformed state
  • Deformed Tensor – describes the surface area density delta between the deformed and undeformed state


What you get

  • Topology Vertex Map Tag —This Is the main tag which does all the processing and work. It is in essence, a multithreaded , real-time raytracer, embedded in a tag.
  • Polygon Transfer Tag — This is special tag which converts virtual polygon hierarchy into a single Polygon object, and lets you add a single vertex map to multiple objects. Its like the connect Object only much faster and on steroids !!!


  • C4D R13, R14,R15 & R16
  • MAC and PC 64bit
  • Includes Team Render Support
  • no messing around with license keys

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