DEM Earth updates – catch 22

Recently I have had some difficult experiences putting out updates. I Spent months on an update, and gave it away for FREE, to all R2 users. there was pretty much no reaction from customers. A very strange feeling. I got 2 emails back, thanking me for this work.

So I decided to try something out.  Today, I put out another great DEM Earth update, for FREE. but only released it to those customers who had purchased Download Insurance via Avangate. They paid extra, to have their links not expire for 2 years, and can instantly download again, using that after sale download link. They should have priority, in my opinion, and that is fair in my eyes. On release, I sent out an email to all DEM Earth customers.  Surprise, Surprise, within 30 mins I had  ~20 emails from disgruntled customers all asking why they had to wait for an update. So the catch 22  situation is. If its free, and I just give it out, nobody gives a shit. If its free, and I don’t give it to everyone, those not getting their stuff, get upset, thinking they are missing out, or being treat less than others. Suddenly they need to have it, real bad. Restricting distribution, creates a demand.  At least I know they are still interested !