DEM Earth >2 feature roadmap

1 . Openstreetmap file import, which lets you import and an OSM file, as an alternative to downloading.  This is not as fast, and can not work with as many nodes/ways as the full fledged OSM importer, but its a very useful, additional way to easily get OSM data onto DEM Earth.


2. Added a filtering mechanism for the extruder object. This provides new ways to group buildings. The choices are as follows.

  • Random (as it is now and the default mode)
  • Height
  • Area
  • Points (sort by how many points a building outline has)
  • Type (the osm building type)


4. The DEM Slice object. A 2D slice of a 3D height contour. (see mikes vids)

WIP 70%

5. Better  roof tops for the Extruder, and some support tools , such as drawing outlines yourself, and specifically setting heights and type,etc.


6. Custom outline, for DEM earth. Making it possible for example, to use the outline of a county or town, as your DEM Earth object.

WIP 50%

7. I’m also working on a new plot extractor, which generates building plots from roads, and will give you a way to generate fake building blocks in areas where the road mapping exists, but there are no real building outlines.

WIP 25%

8. RoadGen (automated road contours from, OSM )

WIP 20%