A solid, reliable, production proven realtime voxelizer, that is already being used worldwide, in countless commercial productions.

Fast and easy to use: This procedural voxel generator has been written in c++ and compiled for maximum performance and stability on your 64bit OS.

As a generator, Voxygen works great in combination with Mograph effectors or standard modifiers, for some really cool effects.

Voxygen is a lot more than just that just old school, pixelized cubes—it transfers your UV coordinates onto voxels for super easy texturing, produces hundreds of thousands or even millions of voxels and is easily the fastest voxelizer on any platform. Stunning Voxels, as particles that can keep up the pace when you crank things up.

New in R3 :

  • Field support.
  • Multi Instance support.
  • Lidar support for LAZ, las and ply formats.


  • Cinema 4D  R21 to 2024
  • Windows 10 or greater
  • Compatible with all render engines