Plugin Updates updates

DEM Earth 4 win has been updated to version 4.601. Includes builds from R20 to 2023

DEM Earth 4 mac has been updated to version 4.601. Includes builds from R20 to 26


Vector Pro 3 WIN has been updated to version 3.269. Includes builds from R20 to 2023.

Voxygen 3 beta, with lidar module has been updated to version 3.120, and  can be downloaded from the discord server.

Full function demos are available for both Vector pro 3, voxygen and BakeNShake.


I have started a Discord server which I welcome all c4d users to join.

DEM Earth update to 4.493 available.

Getting ready for R25 !

This build is available via prefs if you already have version 4.490 or greater.

  • 4.493 Aug 14th 2021
    DEM Earth – loading and refresh issues resolved.
  • 4.491 Aug 3rd 2021
    DEM Earth prefs – Additional information for license type and clearer explanations of what might be wrong if you fail to connect.
    DEM Earth prefs – Download updates directly from prefs.
    DEM Earth License – If there is a server problem or you lose your internet connection, the plugin will continue to work for up to 10 days without a connection to the DEM Earth license server.
    DEM Earth Cloner – Faster. Various bugfixes and threading improvements. Works much better with larger areas.
    DEM Earth – Improved background loading response.
    DEM Earth – Faster Sampling code makes everything even better!
    DEM Earth Interpolation – improvements Various bug fixes.
    DEM Earth PinPoint – Placement bug fix.
    DEM Earth Geocoder – bug preventing pinpoints from being built – fixed.

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