Here’s something I am very excited about. Paul Everett from is working right now at expanding MoGraph’s capabilities with some kickass Effectors.
One of them is the Selection Effector, with this Effector one can affect and change Vertex Maps, Polygon Selections and Point Selections with the standard Falloff function everyone is used to work with inside C4D. This can have many uses, some of them are shown in the video. Thanks again Paul for letting me show this little sneek peak.
And as you probably have guessed, this one again is without audio :-) As the additional effectors set will be released there will be a spoken one with some instructions on how to use them (not sure if needed, as it’s really easy and intuitive to use). Right now there is no definite release date, as Paul is on finishing the Effectors Set. If you have comments or critique on this one, drop a comment. Link: