I always wanted to have a convenient way to select MoGraph Clones, as sometimes clone setups can get messy and handling several selection sets can get quite cumbersome. Here is way to build your own MoGraph Selector, which should be part of the tag to begin with, but xpresso comes to the rescue.
Two iteration nodes are the key elements in this setup. One thing which is very important to notice is how the nodes in the xpresso window are calculated. The X-Manager column on the right of the xpresso window shows how the order of calculation for the nodes are. The execution order is from top to bottom. As we will write two times into the MoGraph Selection Node, the »reset« should be done first and therefore has to be place further up in the column.
Of course you could refine the xpresso setup in order to select more than one set in one tag or select every nth clone, but this should give you a starting point. (no audio)