I recently stumbled upon the Spline Deformer. I think it has big chances to win the prize for most awful explained deformer ever in the c4d help, as it could be really handy for a couple of occasions. The concept is rather easy to grasp, you have two splines, one functions as basis for the deformation and the second one as the deforming/modifying spline. Think of it as if the first one is a path spline and the other one a rail spline like you would use under the sweep nurbs. In the screencast I show you how to build a small rig, which can be used for example for hand animated waves (just use a jiggle deformer) or cats crawling under the carpet :-) Keep in mind, that it’s most suitable for flat objects, as the polygons get somewhat stretched and don’t get deformed good enough for shapes who have volume. (no audio)

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