Real Heights

DEM Earth 2 – Instant city

DEM Earth 2 can use real height data from the OpenStreetmap database to extrude buildings to to their correct, real world relative height.

This Image shows only buildings with a height tag, and makes extruding a huge city, easy, fast and a lot of fun !

These are not just blocks being extruded to random heights, but the real building outlines, extruded to the correct height, thanks to a very tight integration between OpenStreetMap data, and DEM Earth 2.


The scene shown in the image is not the result of hours of messing around, but roughly one minutes work…

  1. Look up the coordinates of the target area using the DEM Earth Geocoder.
  2. Create a DEM Earth Object and add a PinPoint Object under it.
  3. Add a Smart Extruder, under the PinPoint, and a Smart OSM Object under that.
  4. Select the Smart OSM Object, set it’s key to ‘height‘ and press download.

The Smart OSM object query’s the OSM server for you, and extracts any objects in your visible area, which contain a height tag. The Smart Extruder will then create all the geometry for you, and automatically extrude every building, based on the information in contained in the OSM Object.

All that is less than a minutes work.