(You can skip the metaball baking part between 3:40 and 4:25)
Hi guys, as one of the c4d betatesters I had a great time playing with some of the new features of Release 14. While Maxon released today information about what will be in the box, I thought I point to one particular feauture which is just awesome news for everyone working in a pipeline environment or has to bake animations ever so often. Maxon incorporated Alembic File Import and Export to R14 and this not only means interoperability between almost all of the major 3D apps out there – it also means that we now have a inapp solution for baking everything inside C4D.
You can now bake:
– Objects with changing point count (e.g. Metaball)
– Thinking Particles
– Tracer Object
– Mograph/Dynamic Animations
But it gets better:
As the abc file is just linked to your c4d scenefile, the actual scenefile size doesn’t change! No more waiting to save huge scenefiles onto your harddrive or network drives.
The first implementation has some minor bugs, but I guess they will be sorted out (fingers crossed)
(The screengrab you are watching is recorded on a Macbook 2.26GHz Intel Core Duo with 4GB of Ram)
As always, no audio :-)