Free Stuff

Free plugins for Cinema4D R13 or greater: written in c++ for speed and reliabilityMAC and PC builds included.

Plugin Compatibility and info.

(unless otherwise stated)

  • Works with: Cinema4D  Studio,Visualize,Prime and Broadcast.
  • Versions: R12.R13,R14,R15,R16,R17,R18,R19   and maybe in R20 via Insydium Bridge.
  • Operating system :Win and Mac versions are included. OS version should not matter.
  • Written in c++ compiled for 64 bit.
  • Registration NOT required.
  • Internet connection NOT required.
  • Data Policy.Zero communication. Zero collection.  No usage or user data is collected, tracked  or transmitted by this software.
  • Cost: Free to use in any way you desire. Personal or  commercial use permitted. Not not resale or redistribution.
  • Support: Software is provided as is, without warranty or support.


  • unpack to your plugins folder.
  • use the plugin :)

Stipple Deformer

Stipple Spline Modifier

Stipple deformer converts any spline into dots and dashes, and a lot more. A full fledged commercial quality plugin, written in c++, and compiled for 64 bit mac and PC platforms.   Absolutely free free, no strings attached.

  • A spotty, dotty deformer !

Reverb Pro

Nimpsy Studio

An easy to use tag that that adds a ghosting post effect to your animated object.

  • Easy yet freaky !

Multi-Deformer  2


  • A Modifier stack…freaky but kinda cool.

Spline Mask

Spline Mask Shader

Render splines in shader space using this easy to use awesome spline shader.

  • Way better than the built in spline shader !

Collage Shader

collage shader

An amazing Image particle shader, which can produce  perfect, seamless, animated textures from images and shaders. With stunning depth effects, outlining, and a lot more.And its now completely free.

  • A mad particle system in a shader !
  • Produces perfect, seamless, animated textures !

Mondriaan Shader.


A super cool, easy to use c4d procedural shader for making cool high tech stuff :)

  • Star Wars here we come !
35 replies
  1. Peppe
    Peppe says:

    Vector Pro, just purchased….so great!!! And thanks for the freebies, need to find some tutorials on them, they seem nice ( and free!!!)

  2. jason
    jason says:

    Thank you for the Plugins, I am new to C4D R13 and I have a long way to go to learn all that it can do, I really appreciate your free plugins. I will do my best to learn them. You are a blessing to many people with your products! Thank you !

  3. Meghan
    Meghan says:

    Hello. Can you tell me where I need to put the unzipped Collage Shader folder/files for R19? I’ve tried the prefs and & plugin folders located in the AppData/Roaming/MAXON folder location but it doesn’t appear in the menu for material shaders. Thanks for sharing these plugins!


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