We have a new LAZPoint WIN demo for you to try out..

Download this plugin. Then unpack the zip to your plugins folder, and restart Cinema4D.

How to use…

  1. Create LAZPoint object
  2. Load a las, laz, xyz or pts file into LAZPoint. (check out the demo scenes)
  3. Be Amazed at the viewport performance.
  4. Hit Render !

Demo  Limitations are as Follows:

  1. Save / export disabled..
  2. Picture viewer rendering disabled. (for both LAZRender and openGL)
  3. Alternative output modes are disabled.(you can not convert to XParticles, points,etc, with the demo)
  4. You can only load every other point, of any lidar file. (nth2 or greater).

The Virtual laser scanner is fully functional. Use it with any c4d scene, to scan and create a realistic virtual point cloud.

Check out the amazing FREE Lidar Scenes, which you can open with the LAZPoint 2 demo.