If your company or institution is in Germany, or anywhere in the EU, and you don’t want to use the Avangate shopping system, you can pay by invoice(rechnung).

If you would like pay by bank draft (Überweisung ), or need a pro forma quotation, please either use this form, send an email, or make a support ticket, on the HelpDesk.

For a quotation or proforma invoice, we need several things:

1. Some info about what you need. e.g. the number of licenses, your platform (mac/pc), as well as the version of C4D you use, and the type of license you have.(e.g. license server)

2.Your company or institutions name & address, and your VAT number (if you have one)

once we have this information, we can send you a quotation, and you can decide if you want to go ahead.

3. the name and email of the person who will manage the license and  support (if it is not the same as the purchaser)

Note : We can not provide quotations to private individuals.


Paul Everett