OSM Importer

The C4D OpenStreetMap importer is a very powerful importer which lets you simply drag and drop a *.osm or *.osm.xml file into Cinema4D.

The data is is first compacted into a binary representation of the text based XML data, which is much more efficient to work with and allows you to import data sets of up to 2GB if you have enough memory.

There is no other software, for any application, on any platform that will let you import and work with such massive data sets. Once the data has loaded into C4D, you can then begin filtering out things that you do not need.Before converting to the filtered data to splines or polygon areas.

This revolutionary plugin does things that no other software can, at any price point.  This plugin offers the only route there is,  to easily convert a multi GB OSM data into a set of splines that you can work with.

  • Even software that costs many thousands of dollars will choke on this data.
  • No other software can  interactively filter and sort what you need, from what you don’t need, in the crazy amount data that OSM files contain.
  • Easily convert millions of closed splines to geometry (e.g. building outlines) . Something that is too much for Cinema4D’s built in tool set.
  • You really have to see this in action to believe it, and have tried to do the same thing elsewhere, to grasp why this is so powerful.
  •  For a very low price , this plugin OSM importer, gives you abilities that are currently impossible to achieve without advanced scripting and coding techniques ,  no matter how much money you throw at the problem.


What is OSM about?

The OpenStreetMap (OSM) project was founded in the United Kingdom in 2004 and is aimed at creating a free, world-wide geographic data set. OpenStreetMap wants to be for geodata what Wikipedia is for encyclopedic knowledge.

The focus is mainly on transport infrastructure (streets, paths, railways, rivers,buildings), but OpenStreetMap also collects a multitude of points of interest, buildings, natural features and landuse information.

What you get

  • 64Bit openStreetmap importer plugin.
  • The only Interactive software in the world that can convert multi GB OSM data into splines.
  • PDF Documentation – describing all available features and usage of the plugin
Single user license



Both MAC & PC versions included.

This demo is limited to import and filtering only, you can not convert to splines or polygons. It lets you discover the incredible detail and complexity of the OSM database.

For instruction on where to obtain OSM data, please view the last page of the included pdf documentation.

© Copyright 2014 — Paul Everett